Connecticut Real Estate Investment

Very Few People In The World Have Been Called An Expert At Construction, Energy, Rehab, Land Use, Real Estate & Marketing.  

Steve Schappert is one of the few. 

Schappert and his team help others by suggesting and implementing cost effective improvements that maximize value and save energy.  

Schappert is now combining all his skills and building a team that currently includes 4000 private lenders to purchase, rehab and convert residential and commercial property into affordable, zero energy, small and tiny homes.

“Steve Schappert is a titan in the sustainability business and we have teamed up to be able to deliver HUGE savings at no upfront cost to his many clients, friends and partners. ” -Erick Nordy, SolarCity Project Manager

Inhabitat and HomeDepot trusted Steve Schappert when they needed an energy expert in Connecticut and you can too!  Call today!

This site was developed as a resource for people and institutions that want to sell their real estate in Connecticut.


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